My Turn: Paving the Legacy Trail caters to the Spandex set |

My Turn: Paving the Legacy Trail caters to the Spandex set

The Legacy Trail pavers have taken the Green Thing as their basis for paving the trail along the Truckee River. So lets skim the fat off the soup and see whats in the pot.First I recognize that about 1 percent of bike riders here in Truckee are really doing their green thing, the rest are in it for the fashion show and the exercise. Spring has sprung when the ski racks come off and the bike racks go on, to be driven around town loaded up with a bike, as to say I ride. When the bike finally comes off the car, the rider puts on their brightly colored, logo-covered Spandex and heads out to get some exercise, dreaming of being Lance Armstrong, not of being a green person. If tourists coming up here to be green, why dont they come by train and leave their cars at home, because they are coming here to ride for exercise and drive around with their bike racks carrying bikes to be green. I know a guy Ill call Mike, who parks his car just past West River Street on 89 south, unloads his bike and heads to Tahoe City. Being green? Nope, exercise. If he chooses, he loads his wife and 1.7 kids in the SUV, hooks up his boat and heads to the lake or goes out to the airport, pulls his lead-gasoline-burning airplane out of the hanger and takes off on a cruise. As for that 20 percent of Truckee people that use the Tahoe City bike path, 80 percent do it because they can start at River Ranch, pass about a dozen more restaurants and bars by the time they hit Homewood and see the same when returning. Exercise with a kicker. Highway 89 south, notice where the Spandex-wearing, Lance Armstrong wannabes ride: on the highway. They do not want to be restricted by the very expensive-to-build and maintain bike path, they would have to follow the rules of the path. Is 89 South safer than Glenshire Drive? A gapper looking at the lake and not at the road is just as bad as those that drive fast on Glenshire, but they still ride on thehighway and brag about it. I respect the true greenies and their objectives, but to pave or not pave the trail is not a green thing: it is about providing equal use of trails inside our community. If the river trail is paved, there will be 100 percent paved trails in our town, 0 percent left to amore natural state to provide a place for walkers, joggers and runners to exercise on a surface that will help prevent or aggravate injuries to feet, knees, hips or backs. Town money is being used for this project. The town has a requirement to provide equal access and use for 100 percent of the community, not just the Spandex-wearing, Lance Armstrong wannabes.Bryan DeVoe is a Truckee resident.

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