My Turn: Predictably bad results, but laughs will keep coming |

My Turn: Predictably bad results, but laughs will keep coming

Prentiss Davis

Im very happy Ive been able to provide a few laughs to Mr. Ha, ha (Ha, ha Sierra Sun letter to the editor July 11) over the years. He probably found Tim Leslies recent comments concerning the Lahontan Water District absolutely hilarious. They say humor is the toughest art form. Unfortunately in his eagerness to ridicule me, Mr. Ha, ha predictably neglected to address any of the involved issues. Does he not agree that we have way too much standing fuel in our local forest? Does he not agree that certain government agencies share some responsibility for this situation? The letter writer accuses me of finger pointing (Is that like trying to place responsibility?) on people who are trying to deal with admittedly complex problems. Yes, its certainly a complex problem to pretend to encourage removing fuel without actually allowing the removing any trees and all the while trying to convince the public you are in no way responsible for any fires that should occur. Apparently Mr. Ha, ha totally missed my point that the flood in New Orleans, like the fire in Tahoe, was at least partially the result of serious government mismanagement. I suppose Mr. Ha, ha believes that the flood in New Orleans was caused by Dick Cheney or Congressman Doolittle, but the fact is we lost New Orleans because of the failure of a single earthen dike or levee. (On the exact levee spot where I played and fished as an eight year old.) Many millions of tax dollars have been appropriated by the federal government to prevent such a flood and the reason adequate work was never done is partially because of opposition from national environmental groups; opposition supported by no less learned sources than the New York Times who regularly editorialized against fixing New Orleans levees. I hope Mr. Ha, ha can take some time out from watching Homer Simpson and Borat to see if there may be a connection between unnecessary wild fires in populated areas, the destruction of a historic American city by flood water, failing school districts all over America and the rotting infrastructure in much of our country. Feel free to add your own concerns to this list. The common denominator would appear to be persons in very responsible public positions lacking any basic semblance of good judgment and making critical decisions only to please their very narrow constituency rather than concern for the public interest. A line was crossed when our Tahoe neighbors ceded to government agencies the right to remove a single tree from their own private property. The bad results are predictable but Ill try to keep the laughs coming.Prentiss Davis is a Truckee resident.