My Turn: Question this administrations values |

My Turn: Question this administrations values

I would not usually respond to the mindless dribble of Bob Sweigerts Oct. 9 English, the foreign language of politics Grasshopper Soup column, but so much of it is inaccurate and down right pathetic that some response is deserved.First, Rush Limbaugh did call active duty soldiers who speak out against the war in Iraq phony soldiers. Limbaugh was discussing soldiers that speak out against the war and said it’s not possible, intellectually, to follow these people. A caller identified as Mike said, No, it’s not, and what’s really funny is, they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media. Limbaugh agreed calling them, The phony soldiers. Sweigert calls Gen. Wesley Clark and Nevada Senator Harry Reid a disgrace because they politicized Limbaughs comments by partisan paranoia and ideological immaturity. Now thats the pot calling the kettle black. Simply put, Limbaugh has a political (and moronic) show that appeals to the lowest intellectual life in daytime radio. Gen. Clark is now a political commentator and Sen. Reid is a politician. Its their job to politicize issues. It is their job to counter and point out how trite and political it was for the Republicans (and some Democrats) to pass a resolution condemning MoveOn.orgs General Petraeus or General Betray Us? advertisement.Gen. Clark and Sen. Reid simply played the same politics as the other side primarily to demonstrate that challenging ones patriotism can certainly go both ways. I for one believe more harm is to done to our country by a general who fails to follow the American tradition of separating political ideology from the military command than by name calling from an irrelevant radio talk show host. During U.S Senate questioning about the Iraq war Gen. David Petraeus told the senators simply what his political masters wanted him to say rather that telling the truth about the military fiascoes occurring because of our occupation of Iraq. Mr. Sweigert concludes his column by showing his us his true colors. He states I wouldnt vote for a Democrat if they were the last party on earth. It is a good thing that most thinking voters, unlike Mr. Sweigert, will vote for the best and smartest candidate, the candidate that has new ideas, the candidate that has compassion and solutions to world problems, regardless of party affiliation. Mr. Sweigert feels that politicians will manipulate the impressionable minds of as many American as they can. No, Mr. Sweigert, politicians can only manipulate those who cant think for themselves, like, um, you.During the Bush administration this great country has tortured prisoners of war, denied Habeas Corpus (the right to council), lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction, discredited and defamed good citizens that told the truth (Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson) and led us into a war because of a personal vendetta rather than national or world security. Its about time politicians, the media and the people stand up and question this administrations values.Bob Sweigert did inspire me in one way, because of his column; I just donated $250 to W. Grossman is a Truckee resident.

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