My Turn: School district leadership is failing |

My Turn: School district leadership is failing

Rick Wilson

After reading all the stories regarding the School Board and its premature findings as to the relocation of small children from their communities, and the possibility of closing Truckee High School in the following year, it has become very obvious to me that both sides of the district are unhappy about the lack of response from the school board to the voting public.

We voted them in, and now we should call for their resignation through a vote of no confidence. I am at this point not opposed to a grand jury investigation as to their financial accountability as well, as $47 million is just a lot of money for what we are getting from them. Having said that, I believe primitive as it may be, I would then suggest an amicable fix to the board situation in this manner:

We appoint a teacher from each side of the district in an advisory capacity (non-voting) along with two assistant superintendents, who will act as one to bring the issues to the table. We vote in an outside accountant who serves on the board (non-voting); in turn we select parents from each of the district areas; one from Kings beach, one from Tahoe City, and one from Truckee. That’s makes five voting and three advisory.

We then set the term of service to two years max for the parent involvement. This will provide adequate representation and the leadership across the board ” teachers would have a say, as well as parents and administration. And most important it will be locals watching out for local community interest, not administrators brought in from the outside at their discretion. You know, maybe we should petition the state and divide the district ” separate and just manage our own” just a thought.

Tahoe City of the 1960s and 70s is no longer there. I don’t shop there, entertain there, or eat there. I do it in my community, and that is the whole point. We all support our own local businesses, especially during these tough times.

And lastly, several weeks ago I had the privilege to travel to a coaching clinic with some of our brightest young teachers, and a host of volunteers who have year after year attributed to the success of Truckee sports. On one hand it was sad as I had to listen to these young men and their concerns about their future and their family outside of Truckee due to the amount of “pink slips” issued. I though about the time that is spent, and I thought about all the single parents we help and have helped, in the capacity of teachers, mentors, counselors, and coaches.

But here for a moment I want to focus on football. Last year all levels won their respective leagues. This year we will have more than 100 boys out, andnew kids move here with their parents as a result of the program. We have one of the most successful coaches in Nevada year in and out, we have one of the elite programs in California recognized throughout the state, we have a strong tradition so what, throw it away?

It is already being ignored from the board. We had to escort our grandmas and grandpas to an outhouse in November as we have no bathrooms, opposing teams have to stand aloof on a scaffolding to film, and talk to their team as we have no announcement booth. Don’t you think these are district issues? When have you if ever seen the superintendent at a sports function, any of them?

In closing we need to come together on this issue, I am not asking the board to listen to you as I am not as sweet as the writer last week was. I am demanding a response and I am telling the board I am not in favor of this. Change your minds or find another job, as you will be gone.

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