My Turn: Shame on the PUD board |

My Turn: Shame on the PUD board

Rolf Godon

At the last Truckee PUD board meeting, the board unanimously voted to raise the General Manager’s (Michael Holley) salary from a whopping $180,852 to about $188,100.

Mr. Holley has saved the district a significant amount of money and and has overall done an excellent job since coming on board. And certainly, from that perspective deserves to be rewarded. Clearly his salary of $180,000 is quite substantial, and that does not even include the various benefits that go with the job. He does not need the raise in order to pay his rent.

The shame is that we are in a deep recession with many in our community suffering. The school district will be letting go scores of teachers. Giving this raise is a slap in the face to the many who are struggling and fearful. Does Mr. Holley deserve to be rewarded for excellent service.

He is already one of the highest paid managers in the county. He is doing the job he was hired to do. Is the Board out of touch with the reality of our times? Do they know how the rate payers feel about this? Do they care?

Mr. Holley, I invite you to save face by contributing your raise ” yes, all of it ” to the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, which is coordinating a fundraising drive to benefit many of our nonprofits.

Board of Directors, I invite each of you to likewise contribute $2,000 to this fund. You are all to willing to spend rate payers money so step up and spend some of your own. You are the highest paid board in the County.

Show us your concern by publicly donating.

Editor’s Note: This raise was budgeted and a cost of living increase, as well as an annual review process. A public hearing was held for this last week, and there were no objections brought up during the public process. Public meetings are also broadcast at