My Turn: Small and big stuff in downtown Truckee development |

My Turn: Small and big stuff in downtown Truckee development

I attended the workshop for the mill site development on Wednesday and left with major concerns. First, have you ever been stuck sitting next to a guy on a plane and this guy proceeds to tell you the story of his life, his marriage, his children, his wealth and drops names like his good friend Robert Redford, who wishes he had started the Sundance Film Festival here in Truckee.

Can’t reach the barf bag fast enough.

Small stuff: Residents of East River Street, that land across from you, in front of the rail tracks, that will become a long skinny parking lot during the summer and snow storage during the winter, where heavy equipment and backup beepers will serenade you from 8 p.m. till 6 a.m., heavy equipment diesel etc.

Small stuff: The card lock fuel dock is gone, with no new location.

Small stuff: Those of us that have used East Jibboom Street for years as a locals short cut to get around downtown during heavy traffic times, the town engineer says it is an under utilized road and it will either become a one way street or be closed from Trout Creek to Kaiser to fit in with the mill site design for traffic.

Small stuff: The intersection of Donner Pass Road and Glenshire Drive; nothing will be done because a lot of traffic will be diverted into the mill site at a new intersection just west of Trout Creek Nursery, so there will be no need for a safer intersection and to make room for the move of the circle track, Glenshire Drive will have a nice little curve added to it.

Small stuff: You want your mail or send mail, you will have to go into the mill site, go to the library, into the mill site.

Major stuff: Are you aware that there are currently within three miles of the intersection of Old Brockway Road, Bridge Street and Donner Pass Road (the three-way stop at the tracks) at least 13 developments, heavy in commercial and retail space, being built or projected to be built that will have an impact on that intersection. And the Town has no plans to improve traffic flow, Old Brockway will become a parking lot like it was before the bypass, traffic through town will make L.A. freeways look like a super speedway. The mill site plan is designed to put traffic inside the development, it will be the downtown.

The environmental impact will be huge, will they buy carbon credits to resolve that. What good did it do for us to fight the Truckee Donner PUD’s coal power plan in another state and let this happen here?

Since incorporation, our town managers and staff have totally dedicated their jobs to adding developments that fill the town coffers, without adding one single new road or bridge to relieve town congestion, with roundabouts being band aids.

The mill site is their crown jewel, it will be built no matter what it does to our community. They might as well lift historic Truckee off its foundation, load it on to a railroad flat car and hook it up to the next eastbound freight.

This is not a NIMBY thing, the whole character of our historic community will be gone. Truckee will become the retail center of the eastern Sierra and in order for merchants and restaurants to pay their rent, and you think Truckee is expensive now!

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