My Turn: Stand up and be counted if you want a better Kings Beach |

My Turn: Stand up and be counted if you want a better Kings Beach

Dear Silent Majority of Kings Beach: For your own sakes, stand up and be counted. Stay silent and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The vocal minority is out there.There should be, and (all parties please note) can be, no equivocation that the vast majority the vast majority want to see a more beautiful, safer and engaging downtown. I have participated in the KB Improvement Project, attended meetings, educated myself, spoken to those professionally engaged and to mere residents like myself. Everyone who has involved themselves in this very public process can see that the consensus arrived at has been fair, equitable and transparent. Now hearing the vocal minority start claiming foul and wanting to usurp the process would be laughable if it were not so worrying.It is simultaneously exciting, saddening, stimulating and frustrating that we have to extend debate about our towns future through the auspices of a local paper.Exciting, because we are finally conversing about improving the sad, ugly and down-at-heel town we call home. Saddening though, because rather than cheering about how great things will finally be, we have to debate whether a town-center freeway would actually be better for our little diamond in the rough, beside the jewel of the Sierra. Stimulating because passions are running high, yet frustrating because, as so often the case when many good people try to do good things, the vocal minority begins shouting like spoiled children until they and they alone get their way.To all I say Enough! The process was clear, transparent and very well run. The majority has agreed the way forward. To the silent majority I add Do not let all your hard work go to naught, the fight for our future is only just beginning.I could surely join the chorus of voices who laud the three-lane and roundabouts outcome, and I do in every way possible. But I have a stronger, more urgent plea: Let us not waste time debating. Let us instead sing loud and proud about the great future we have finally chosen. Let us fill the letter section of this and every newspaper with triumphant excitement. Let us fill the letter box and e-mail of Supervisor Kranz with confirmation of our decision. Let us actually tell the world that we, the silent majority, have achieved something really great and we cannot wait to start. Let us put up banners throughout town, cheering the brave new dawn. Let us show that we look forward to safer roads, to beautiful streetscapes and to realizing the wonderfully revived town we will be proud to call home. Let us form our own Supporters of Kings Beach group and campaign together.So, Silent Majority, we likely never will quieten the unrepresentative vocal minority. But if we do not at least try to overcome their selfish cries with our banner of truth, we will only have ourselves to blame.Stand up and be counted if you want a better Kings Beach.Peter Morris is a Kings Beach resident.

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