My Turn: Stop with the Villas crocodile tears |

My Turn: Stop with the Villas crocodile tears

Again I find myself reading an opinion piece in support of the Villas at Harborside Timeshare real-estate development (Sierra Sun My Turn guest column March 26) that seems to be devoid of any sense of logic, order or believability.I will attempt here to make my point in as a succinct fashion as possible given the extreme length of the authors smoke screen.First of all, the key phrase in my opening sentence is real estate development. It is laughable that the author and others of his ilk continually place all their arguments in the context that this overblown time-share building, lake-view-blocking money grab is in some way an act of benevolence being so magnanimously given to those lucky citizens who are fortunate enough to be able to just experience that wonderful mountain living experience of seeing Mr. Topols high-end timeshare in the central downtown commercial core of Homewood.Man, now there is a mouthful. To be very honest with you, neither myself nor any of my neighbors in Homewood are actually aware that Homewood had a central downtown commercial core, other than four or five businesses, tops, right there in the same immediate area to Obexers Market. Here is what I cant figure out over all the months and all the letters being written back and forth about this real estate development. Am I to really believe that nine, count them, nine time-share units will bring enough money and commerce to 17 listed businesses to substantiate all this talk about pumping money into the Homewood economy? The only place money will get pumped into, if and when these view-blockers are erected, will be into the pocket of the developer, Mr. Topol. I am on record on any number of occasions as indicating it to be his right to develop his property. Just once, just once will someone on the other side of the debate acknowledge that simple fact. This project is not about revitalizing a moribund Homewood economy. What puts a spike in the economy is a little thing known as snow. When it is on the ground, people come and they spend money; summers are usually steady and consistent.And nine time-shares will make little honest to goodness difference in the annual amount of money spent at the restaurants or other service industries. Forgive me for omitting businesses such as haircutters, blacktop contractors and plumbers. Last time I checked, not too many one-night time-share visitors get their driveway blacktopped.And please, stop with the crocodile tears about what used to be on the property and how much more air pollution we add to the Basin because a hardware store closed down. What a joke. I can assure you that whatever auto emissions are in the air because Homewood Hardware went out of business will be dwarfed the first day all the bulldozers, backhoes and dump trucks start their emission belching, noise-polluting engines up and the money churning commences.And finally, I for one am tired of reading sentences that concluded the March 26 column, notably, Expecting that the Villas at Harborside will best serve the community is realistic and is Mr. Topol’s goal. Isnt it nice that a grown man, and presumably successful businessman, Mr. Topol has an acolyte like the author to put his opinion and goal on the record? Step up to the plate yourself Mr. Topol. You cant get a hit unless you yourself step into the batters box of the public debate.Dave Craig has owned a second home in Homewood for 30 years.

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