My Turn: Suddenlink … We’re disconnected |

My Turn: Suddenlink … We’re disconnected

How dare you! How dare your service people be so rude and inconsiderate as to bring a frail 76-year-old woman to tears. I’m referring to my mother whose husband died just weeks ago.

I requested a morning appointment to have a service technician come to install Internet at our home. On the first day, you’re late and don’t get here until mid-afternoon, then you lied to my mother saying quote, “I need parts, I’ll be right back” and never returned. On the second day, we called and you promised a supervisor who never showed up. On the third day, also mid-afternoon, a supervisor finally shows up, enters the house, looks around, and tells her “we won’t install Internet until you clean your house” and leaves with the remark that he can smell pet odors from the front door. No kidding, it was 3 p.m. in the afternoon and hot! Pet odors, cooking odors, baby odors, odors of all kinds are very noticeable in hot weather.

I do concede that we have pets (four cats and a dog, so sue us!), and therefore, pet odors. Ninety-five percent of the homes in the Truckee Basin have pets and those that do not have some pet odors are extremely rare. And, (Heaven help us!), the weather turned nice and warm in this last week and (as many cat owners and new parents know) cat boxes, diaper pails, etc. take any and all opportunities like that to seem to permeate the immediate vicinity. I also concede that we may have been less diligent than usual since my father’s death only a few weeks ago. I’ll also concede that there are some people who simply don’t like pets.

I do also realize that you cannot have known our recent situation, however, none of this excuses the disgraceful, disrespectful, and inconsiderate treatment of my mother. You humiliated and embarrassed her and left her in tears for my 16-year-old daughter to come home to. Your understanding is underwhelming and your compassion is non-existent. There surely must have been a gentler way to put off service. Is this the way you treat all of the elderlies in your service areas? (And, remember, by the way, May is Older Americans month!) I should hope that you would be just as offended if someone treated your mother in such a manner. Fortunately, I have other options (although when I suggested Dish Network to my mom, she said, loyally, that she’d been with this cable company a long time and would not like to switch), I’ll take dial-up, thank you.

A final note: we’ve had several service people here since who did their jobs pleasantly and without incident.

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