My Turn: The ongoing global-warming scam |

My Turn: The ongoing global-warming scam

Just for fun, I drove a new BMW from Reno to Medford, Oregon.

A friend in Los Angeles found out and his wife responded in a very negative fashion. She said that, “People like me are making the glaciers melt.”

I’m not making this up. This person is a well-known a TV producer/writer who lives in a huge house and rides to work in limo. She flies around in private jets meeting with other writers and producers. All this is to create mindless comedy and for that she’s paid over $2 million a year.

My reply to my friend: Unlike your wife’s Hollywood pals, I don’t have homes scattered around the world, a yacht, a jet airplane or a bunch of servants working in my house and yard 24/7.

Perhaps she should visit Mt. Shasta where the glaciers are doing just fine.

There isn’t much debate regarding anthropogenic global warming in the news. The media prefers to follow the line that “it’s settled science” ignoring the tens of thousands of real scientist, many who work in the field of climatology and have signed petitions expressing their skepticism.

In my opinion the debate should rightly fall on the question of how college-educated people who were supposedly taught critical thinking can believe such nonsense; certainly the scam of our time.

I was listening to an old tape by historian Will Durant recently. The material was written about 1935. Professor Durant commented that “the reign of Charlemagne was greatly aided by a general improvement in the weather during the eight and ninth centuries.”

The improvement Durant referred to was the general warming period that occurred in the Middle Ages. We know this warming period resulted in dramatic growth in both agriculture and population all across Northern Europe. We also know temperatures in the Northern hemisphere peaked around 1000 AD and had fallen dramatically by 1500 AD. Was this the result of human activity? I think not.

On a recent trip to Iceland I was reminded by my Icelandic relatives that the warm period enabled the Vikings to settle Iceland in the warm 10th century. The Vikings also settled in Greenland, which was relatively ice free at the time and in Vineland in present day Canada. Vineland was named for all the grape vines that Viking Leaf Erickson found on his arrival.

We all know it’s far too cold for vineyards in eastern Canada today. By the 14th century, plummeting temperatures had driven the Vikings from Greenland. Falling temperatures also wiped out England’s flourishing wine industry. In the high Alpine regions, glacial rivers of ice were consuming farms and villages and terrorizing the inhabitants.

If you do know this from high school history, how could you possibly believe that the few warm years in the 1990s are the result of anthropogenic (manmade) global warming?

Let me guess: You saw Al Gore’s movie that proposes the odd theory that the earth is warming up and this warming is the result of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that last winter in both hemispheres was one of the coldest in memory.

If you or Al Gore were awake in chemistry class you would have learned that the Earth’s green house effect, the little trick that prevents Earth from just being another frozen rock flying thru space, is almost entirely caused by water vapor, something we already have plenty of.

Carbon dioxide, the stuff that comes out of your mouth when you exhale, is much less plentiful, so rare in fact that few real climatologists accept the theory that a moderate increase could cause warming. Gore’s movie not withstanding, warming has not followed an increase of our planets CO2. Instead, increased atmospheric levels of CO2 generally follow rising temperatures as the warming oceans release CO2, but scientist also know that at some points during various ice ages, CO2 levels were several times what they are today.

These are all well established and accepted scientific facts.

If you and your Hollywood pals would get your collective heads out of your collective butts and do a bit of research you would likely conclude that global warming is a scam and it’s being perpetrated on you.

My personal experience with your Hollywood pals, gained when I socialized with a lot of people who worked at movie studios, is that most have far too little brain power to do any actual thinking, instead allowing others to do it for them.

Personally, there is nothing I would welcome more than a critical discussion of anthropogenic global warming but the Al Gore crowd refuses open debate, fearing their theories just won’t stand up.

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel and one of America’s most respected meteorologists, is considering a lawsuit against Al Gore that would require Gore to defend his global warming theory in an open court of law.

It was reported recently that since beginning his campaign against global warming, Al Gore has personally earned over $100 million. Nice work.

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