My Turn: The real scoop on airport values |

My Turn: The real scoop on airport values

By Dennis DickinsonI am sick and tired of people making statements of fact that are not true. I am not a pilot but I do go to most of the airport meetings because the Truckee Tahoe Airport and the Town of Truckee are impacting the Martis Valley Estates subdivision with noise, noise, noise. This noise issue is impacting me and my neighbors in the form of property devaluation. Read the Fifth Amendment carefully. It states clearly that government may not take without just compensation. My home is one-half mile from the end of the runway. So, I do speak with some authority when I say there is a noise problem. There is a government “Taking” here that needs to be resolved.I want everyone in this town to understand one thing. This noise abatement program established by this airport has merit. With that said, I can emphatically say that it is not working. Not all pilots follow the procedures to reduce the number of residents impacted by aircraft noise. I experience low-flying jets, twin-engine and single-engine aircraft flying over my home many times a day. The volume of traffic during the summer is so heavy that people sitting out on my deck to enjoy the outdoors cannot carry on a normal conversation. It’s a fact of life that there are pilots out there who could care less that the noise they are making is destroying my quality of life. When is the airport going to get it?In a recent My Turn column (“The truth about how the community values the airport” Sierra Sun Oct. 26), the writer has informed you (according to the airport’s Godbe survey) “the only statement that garnered any type of agreement was ‘The airport should manage the growth of operations to be consistent with community needs.'” This is not a true statement and taken out of context to mislead the reader. The Godbe survey states, “The proposed policy that garnered the most support was continued acquisition of land around the airport for open space, followed by a mandatory curfew imposed on takeoff and landings and the airport providing additional facilities only in response to the community needs.”The survey then states, “When given various directions that the airport could take, and asked about their level of agreement with each one, the only statement that garnered any type of agreement was that the airport should manage the growth of operations to be consistent with community needs.”The “people” spoke last November. The “people” have spoken again. The “people” are not happy with the airport operations and want change. Please read the Godbe survey on what the “people” have said. You may get a copy of this report off the Truckee Tahoe Airport District web site. Or you may read the reference copy at the Nevada County Library. The residents of Martis Valley Estates are being bombarded by noise. This is not fair. This neighborhood needs the help and support of the entire community. Please inform your local elected officials what you think about the “noise.”Dennis A. Dickinson is a Truckee resident.

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