My Turn: This war is our war, these are our troops |

My Turn: This war is our war, these are our troops

Im not sure why, but I felt like I needed to share this story with your newspaper. There are so many protests and people demanding that the president bring our troops home right now. These are just my thoughts that I shared with my child when she put me in the hot seat. Today my 9-year-old daughter asked me why we support our president, even though hes sending our troops to die in a war that we shouldnt be in.Before I spoke, I thought. If I try to fluff this answer, my daughter will eventually think my political views are not thought-through, or that I just dont care about those troops.First, I explained to her that I thank God every day that every man and woman representing our great country is there willing to defend us. Those people voluntarily go to these places where they know their lives are constantly in imminent danger. They know its a terrible place, and still they sign up for the armed forces, and accept their orders proudly.I explained to her that even though those soldiers have to go to a horrible place to fight for our country, and some are sacrificing their own lives, they are doing so to keep their families, friends and homes safe. If this war is not fought across the ocean, it will be fought on American soil. We thought 9/11 was bad. Can you imagine how miserable our lives would be if we were constantly under attack, living in fear every moment of every day in our own homes? A war at home would be to the detriment of every American. Not just the soldiers who voluntarily signed up to be in the armed forces. I dont want to live the nightmare that the mothers in Iraq are living today. So, selfish as it may sound, yes I support our president, and I support our soldiers, and yes, as a mother, I wholeheartedly support this war taking place over seas.I pray for the day that we can bring each and every one of our soldiers home from this war. However, I am so grateful that my babies and I can count on them to be there protecting us from that violence coming to our home and destroying our lives, taking away all that we hold dear.I am a stay-at-home mom. I am not a politician, nor do I usually share my political views with strangers. I did not realize how strongly I felt about this situation until I had to explain it to my child. We should all think about how this war affects our homes, our families, and our lives. Be grateful that its not in your front yard, on your street or in your town. Faith Whelan is a Truckee resident.

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