My Turn: Upholding our quality of life |

My Turn: Upholding our quality of life

Thought Id address some recent letters about open space, urban sprawl, and development in the Truckee area in general.I agree with the writer who stated our town has ample resources to facilitate maintaining a mountainous/rural way of life, and that our community/town should take action. However, many say developments have occurred without our properly being notified, and strongly feel the Town of Truckee should inform residents on a regular basis regarding all developments. If mailings to all residents are not feasible, then why not a permanent weekly page in our wonderful Sierra Sun, dedicated solely to status and information on Truckee developments? It is my understanding that many neighboring residents were unaware of the recent Elkhorn development until one of the oldest, largest trees was knocked down to make way for the new roads. How was this approved when there were plenty of ways to go around this tree? Were the neighboring residents not notified by mail? Homeowners/residents have a right to be properly informed, so they can get involved if so desired. Maybe the town has followed procedure, and if so, I am desperately requesting the town to revise it. I think we have to rely on our town to step up to the needs of this area, but we do need to make our requests visible to them via public comment periods at town meetings or in writing.Im not sure who the writer regarding the anti-development crowd was referring to, but I do know theyre out there. I do agree with his statements toward developments needing to be responsible, and I sadly agree that many of the Truckee homes contribute to urban sprawl. However, these homes are already there, most built many years ago, and think just because its somehow been allowed in the past, certainly doesnt mean we should continue doing it (two wrongs dont make a right). I think that we can only affect the future in this situation with infill development being the only type allowed in a town like Truckee. Some of the Cambridge developments are infill; Elkhorn is not and only adding to urban sprawl. Again, we need to urge our town to follow the infill only protocol. The town is there for us and has a goal to uphold our quality of life. Simply put, there is a time and place where development begins to encroach upon quality of our life, wildlife and the land. I do feel the group SOS Glenshire is working hard toward preserving vital open spaces for this very reason. Its my understanding they are not anti-development but want everyone, including land owners, to benefit with the understanding that wildlife, residents and property owners all have rights. I believe this collaborative approach is what is attracting all the passionate interest and funding. Thanks to all involved and helping with SOSGlenshire! Trying to live by the Golden Rule.Lorena Lyn is a Truckee resident.

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