My turn: Use polls to take back our communities |

My turn: Use polls to take back our communities

This week I received a nifty brochure in the mail from the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (cost: $38,000).The message is frightening. It claims that by the year 2030 if we dont act now, Placer County traffic congestion COULD increase by 600 percent. Yeah right! The message is clear. They want us, the taxpayers, to figure out a way to give them money to pay for traffic mitigation. Personally I dont care and wont give them 10 cents if I dont have to and you shouldnt either. Can you spell responsible growth? Can you say, Moratorium? The developers need to get the message that being a land baron is speculation. You know, like gambling! No guarantees. Our officials need to stop pandering to them.On top of that, the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District in the very recent past asked for money from us and got it. (Measure A) So what did they do with it?In my recent memory the library ask for and got money from us. Further, it will only be a matter of time before the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District figures out it wont have enough money to pay for the swell new recreation center they are about to build and they will ask us to finish it.And finally, the Tahoe Forest Hospital District is asking for more money (measure C) to bring the hospital up to earthquake standards. Didnt they know the building wasnt up to code before they built the new edition? Wasnt the hospital board paying attention when the state let it be known that substandard public buildings would either get fixed or they would have to shut down? Then to make matters worse, the board has called for a costly special Election, which ultimately will cost us. Talk about irresponsibility.If I sound grumpy, I am. A lack of planning and responsibility on the part of our elected and appointed officials and their employees should not constitute an emergency for us to pay for. The bull about second homeowners will pay the lions share is just that, bull.What is everybody thinking? The requests for our money just keep coming.The problem seems simple to me. Nobody raves about the drudgery of maintenance and upgrades to code, etc. The politicians need something shiny where they can have a ribbon cutting and get their pictures in the paper.Jeez! Ok! Maybe that is too simple but it sounds right to me.Talk about two-faced. On one side of the face there seems to be so much concern because the ordinary worker bees cannot afford to live here, yet the other side of the face is saying lets get the citizens to pay for our lack of planning and management.How much do we have to bleed before we stand our ground and say no to these folks? When are we going to use our power at the polls to take back our lives and our communities? When are we going to stop electing those with special interests but claim to be concerned about our communities?When? When? When?Lynne Larson is a Truckee resident.

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