My Turn: We must learn from our mistakes |

My Turn: We must learn from our mistakes

Best wishes to the folks who have the most expensive education, most compensated experience and were born into the position to dictate what my house is worth. I am utterly and completely confused why the world is in the financial position we are in today.

Do not get me wrong, I understand how we arrived here. What I do not understand is how all of the leaders whom we count on to study, observe and understand what we should do as a peoples, failed so miserably.

What safe guards and policies do our governments currently have and what policies can we institute that may possibly prevent us from this same catastrophe. I do not believe we should or could count of our government. This is not to say our government does not serve our purpose nor are they incapable of resolve. If we can split an atom, intercept a object in space, land on the moon and first and foremost build a dynasty and super power in a matter of centuries, we can do just about anything.

We are not talking about science, lunar travel or supremacy though.

We are talking about the human mind. And the human mind is something that no government can control. I do not blame George Bush for this mess we are in. He did not tell anybody to refinance their house to buy a boat.

George did not coax anybody into buying a first house with a very low variable rate and inadequate income to maintain monthly payments. I will tell you though; Bush did nothing to educate the people and make an attempt at softening this disasters blow. And this is the lesson I believe we as a people should heed.

Governments can do many things, depending on what government exists. I would say our government does an OK job. Most of our rights are preserved and our taxes are manageable. Many still struggle for equal rights, but we are young and will persevere.

Also, we have a solid K-12 school program. And if parents did involve themselves nightly, larger classes could be OK. When one thinks poorly of taxes while driving to work, one should realize ones taxes paid for the pavement for which you drive upon, the signs and lights that cue, the bridges that gap your local river and the snow plows that clear the snow, all so you can arrive at work.

We need only be disappointed in ourselves. We allowed ourselves to become weak and vulnerable.

So, to all of you Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stanford, Berkeley and other Ivy league business school graduates who fill the roles that govern us. What shall you contend.

What I contend is that most of you may be book smart, but many of you are not people smart. As well, I am under the assumption many of the powers to be are also book smart yet not people smart. This scares me. I apologize for my finger pointing; this is not personal, it is business.

So, to all of you who care about our future societies and economies, Ivy leaguers included; let’s help our peoples understand the definition of debt, income to debt ratio, variable vs. fixed rates, equity, assets, liabilities, budget, life insurance, a write off and, another day another dollar.

Our best chance to build a stronger economy and prevent yet another worldwide recession and or depression is better education aimed at self preservation and putting the word human back into our schools.

This world will always house crooks who will steal your life savings, let’s realize this fact and focus our attention on teaching our youth to be mindful with their money and with whom they trust this green blood.

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