My Turn: Whoa! Do they think we’re stupid or what? |

My Turn: Whoa! Do they think we’re stupid or what?

I received my “special election” ballot the other day for the Tahoe Forest Hospital District. Are they kidding? I saw three major red flags right away: Impartial analysis, which was repeated many times in the ballot info, by county personnel ” please.

We already know these two counties are in the developers’ pockets, so no way we should believe any of their employees are impartial. There was no rebuttal argument to these commentaries. Why not? No one submitted one? I have voted many, many times and not once have I ever seen a voter information pamphlet without a rebuttal argument.

And the most glaring red flag of all: There is a disclaimer at the end of the pamphlet, and throughout the text, saying their estimates of taxes that will be paid by local homeowners is only their “best guess” and the actual cost is not known. In other words, we have absolutely no idea what these new medical facilities will cost us.

Whoa! Do they think we’re stupid or what?

Bottom line, I’ve lived and worked in Tahoe for over 20 years and have been quite involved with local issues, including trying to stop the rampant development of Martis Valley. The developers are behind this ballot initiative, folks. Think about it. How can they attract the “elite” to their Ritz Carltons and upscale ski villages if they don’t have elite medical facilities to repair their broken legs? These people don’t like to go to just any old hospital. They also threaten that if this measure doesn’t pass maternity care at the hospital may be eliminated, but not their new cancer or senior centers. (There are a lot of rich old people and the developers would like them to buy their McMansions and retire here; they’re not interested in young working mothers. I guess they don’t pay enough.) They are already putting smaller doctors and clinics out of business with this new hospital conglomerate. Sound familiar?

Recently, hospital staff have been submitted to rah, rah rallies to get them to support this new hospital, much like WalMart staff. Give me a break, could it be any more obvious that this new medical facility is for the wealthy they hope to attract to our area?

Most of the developers I’ve encountered around here are slick as snakes and don’t doubt for a second that they aren’t behind most of the changes taking place in our area lately. Now they want to tax the local folk to cater to their elite customers. Let’s shine some light on truth and reality and clear out the smokescreen put up by local politicians and developers.

Vote no on “C” and any other tax increases designed for our visitors’ (read customers) benefit and not ours. This is one way they push the middle class out of an area like Tahoe, they tax us to death.

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