Nevada County students: Submit a short film for prizes |

Nevada County students: Submit a short film for prizes

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2010 Youth Film Competition for all Nevada County students. Deadline for entry is Friday April 9, 2010 at 5 p.m. Prizes are $300 cash, flip camera, gift certificates from local businesses and more!

Film submissions should explore the local Nevada County area and tie in with the California Preservation Conference theme and#8220;The Sierra Nevada: Preserving a Sense of Place.and#8221; Suggested film themes are:

and#8226; Economic Development: What is the value of a community with both old and new buildings?

and#8226; What are the non-monetary values of a historic building?

and#8226; How can preservation be used to revitalize a community?

and#8226; Heritage tourism: Is there a historic building in the community that tourists overlook?

and#8226; Why do people travel to historic places?

and#8226; Is tourism positive or destructive to historic places?

and#8226; Local character: What historic buildings, sites, or landscapes make your community distinctive? What makes your community special/unique?

and#8226; How has preservation/demolition affected your community?

and#8226; Sustainability: How can preservation benefit the environment? In what ways is preservation sustainable? How can reusing historic buildings/preserving historic places be good for the planet?

and#8226; Local government: Who participates in preservation?

Films are to be no more than six minutes in length and a brief summary of the film must also be in included with the submission.

This contest is open to middle and high school students attending school in Nevada County.

For more information about the California Preservation Foundation, please visit The Hearst Building, 5 Third Street, Suite 424, San Francisco, CA 94103. Phone (415) 495-0349 or e-mail