New Year "Feng Shui: Out with the clutter, in with the energy |

New Year "Feng Shui: Out with the clutter, in with the energy

Sharon Freewoman
Special to the Sun

If you are like me, you put off organizing your mounds of “stuff” till the absolute moment you can no longer get by the piles without serious damage to oneself. This article is not for the neat and tidy with showcase homes and offices. It’s for the rest of us who have the best of intentions to be virtuously neat, but continuously fail to achieve our high-minded goal. The flow of energy or “chi” in the universe is a continuous process. To be in that rhythm and flow requires a certain order so the universe will support you in manifesting your desires. The art of Feng Shui, which translates to “wind and water,” as flowy as you can get, helps immensely toward the tidy goal with simple techniques.

These basic techniques are very basic. What your Mother taught you many years ago, but in your extremely busy life seems too time consuming, really works. First, transition from sleep world to day world by making your bed. Fluff those pillows – when it’s time to fall back in bed it is comfy, cozy and so inviting for that deep rest we all so desperately need. Tidy up your room of repose as it will inspire you through the rest of the day to be more organized in other areas of your life.

The other crucial area for mental clarity the day’s beginning is the bathroom. You’re probably asking, if the great sages of yesteryear really cared how clutter-free their bathroom was? How else did those great thoughts make it through the mind clutter of “when was the last time those towels were washed?”

So hang the towels up, throw away the bottles of old lotion, the dried up tubes of lip balm and last week’s newspaper. Keep your bathroom a place for great thoughts to occur!

The next one can be extremely difficult but your boss will be really impressed and you will open the door to new opportunities and prosperity by cleaning your desk and work areas every day before leaving. I know, I know, I hear the groaning and moaning about all those piles of paper you can’t possibly file today!

No worries, man, just place them in neat piles, folders or desk organizers until they are put in their final resting place. The goal here is to leave a clear and open space in front of where you work so new information and prospects can flow into your life each and every day.

While we are on the work subject do remember to clear your computer too. We all have ancient e-mails, outdated files and old game packages we no longer use and should delete, delete, delete! Especially pay attention to the clutter in your e-mail inbox. You want to energetically invite new contacts.

Create folders for storing e-mails you need to keep so your inbox is fresh and available to bring in abundant new resources.

Bring the light into your new Year. Keep your home and office well lit. Clutter likes to accumulate in dark areas especially corners. Replace broken lights, appliances and furniture so the energy does not slow you down with inefficiency. Keep the center of your home and work space clear and open to invite clear thoughts and a more organized life.

Pay very close attention to the entryway of your home. Make sure it is bright and clear of any clutter like shoes, coats, toys, trash etc. The entryway to and from your world should be beautiful and harmonizing so that energy carries through the day. This also includes walking into your home through the front door, not the garage or side door. Bring positive “chi” into your home or out into the world by a visually stimulating and clutter-free opening, creating a peaceful and beautiful environment. That’s the place in which I want to live!

Make a commitment to practice these techniques daily and engender good health, prosperity and blessings. Plus you’ll make Mother proud. I’m starting today, how about you?

In the Flow,

Sharon Freewoman

Are you ready for love to leap into your life? Is firing up the passion in an existing relationship your New Year’s wish?

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