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Truckee Tales, Slug Brown

Two things I have to do before I forget. First, I ask you to send me any news you would like to see in the paper.

I noticed that they no longer put in my e-mail or P.O. box. It’s box 1493 Truckee, 96160. My e-mail is One down, one to go.

Two: A couple of mistakes from last column: “House of Ma” should have been “House of Mac,” as in McDonald’s.

Tony and Diane take their four-wheelers out hunting stuff in Nevada, like in Quad and ATVs. Two-wheelers? Two-wheel-drive vehicle, bike, motorcycle? What? Glad I cleared that up.

Betty Sittre had her Niece Sheri, from Napa, come up to spend a few days with her and Cathy. Napa to Loyalton, a little change of culture, Wine to wagons.

Cathy has just planted 100 trees around the house. It’s either a windbreak or a fort. She picked up 200 feet of drip hose in Reno to water them, when she tried to unroll a 100-foot coil it had more knots than a Boy Scout, she now has a soaker system instead.

Don’t ask if Martin came over to help her. He won’t even help his mother with her house. Bad doggie.

I sure didn’t like the smoke we had last week. We had too much of that last year with all the fires. They have had some small ones already and with the wind we’ve had, a fire could take off in a hurry. Please, be careful. The house you save might be mine.

There have been a lot of people drown already this year, most all without life jackets. Think about it next time you take the kids out, and teach them to swim.

Swimmers and rafters in the spring, snow boarders and skiers in the winter.

One thing I don’t see anymore are the scooters the kids went crazy over, they went away fast. It’s motorcycle time now. Some of the locals have had some nice rides this year. Now with the 4th of July coming up we have to watch out for them and bikes, they don’t take up much room in your mirror.

The Old Timers picnic will be on July 26th this year, 10 a.m. until ? rain or shine. It’s held at the upper picnic grounds on Brockway Road (Highway 267) next to the first ball field. You don’t have to be a old timer to come up, just bring what you are going to eat with you. They have sodas and beer there.

I just remembered, I’m in trouble with Sharon. I was suppose to put in last year that her mom, Jean Pace, Mary King, Irene, and another lady from here are living across the hall from each other in the same retirement home. Sorry lady’s.

I forgot to bring extra oxygen with me last year and didn’t stay long. I spent most of the time talking to Joe Miller and Andy Garcia in the parking lot and didn’t get to visit with many people.

Punky Engleheart wasn’t there for the first time I can remember. She used to always bring up someone new with her. They were people that lived here before and have come back every year they can. The Bill Waters family always made it. I hope they come this year now that Bill has passed on.

Those of you that have never came up before and would like to visit with us, come on up.

It’s a great time and you get to hear lots of past history. They have old photos for sale and other things to raise money for there club, but you don’t have to buy anything to have a good time.

I know that most husbands will not believe this, but my wife bought some new shoes and threw out some of her old ones. She also found some new shoes that she didn’t know she had

We had our Grandson Christian over for the weekend. Grandma let him help her bag pine needles, plant flowers, ride around with her help with other things. He helped her so much that Grandma went to bed before bedtime. She took him fishing the next day to make up for it.

Tom Math has been painting the fence in his back yard for his daughter’s wedding this Saturday. His granddaughter was there to help him. While I was talking to him she bumped the paintbrush and knocked it inside the full can of paint.

It was the best thing to happen to him. He had to laugh and it made him realize how uptight he and Donna had gotten while getting things ready. Things will go smooth now.

Sherry Jewell had her birthday party at OB’s last Friday. I think it was her 40th again. There was a few large heads Saturday morning. Paul Coverlli had his birthday party Saturday night at the Glenshire Club house. Must have been some big heads Sunday also.

Pray the cable company gets the parts they need so we can watch the whole program. I hate to see all but the last 10 minutes, and not know how it turned out.

They said it wouldn’t be much longer.

Slug Brown is a Truckee resident. Truckee Tales appears every other week in the Sierra Sun. Slug can be reached at or via mail at P.O. Box 1493 Truckee, 96160.

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