Nine graduate Truckee Police Department’s Citizen Academy |

Nine graduate Truckee Police Department’s Citizen Academy

Staff reports
Courtesy photoThe Truckee Police Department graduated its third citizens academy.

Another set of Truckee citizens will be joining the Truckee Police Department’s team of volunteers.

This week the Truckee Police Department held a graduation ceremony for nine Truckee citizens who completed the 11-week Police Citizen Academy. The 11 weeks took a look inside the police department, from patrol operations to major crime scene investigations.

Every week the students were introduced to a different aspect of the operations of the Truckee Police Department. Course topics included: criminal law – miranda warning – probable cause, DUI investigation, accident investigation, narcotic enforcement, crime scene investigations, patrol procedures, plus much more are taught by all members of the police department. Guest speakers included Judge Andy Homer, Deputy District Attorney Fred Holmes, Probation Officer Bob Dowrick and defense attorney Dave Humphries who talked about their roles in the criminal justice system.

The class concluded with crime scene scenarios, in which the students took on the role of an officer and handled various calls including traffic stops, domestic violence calls and building searches on alarm calls.

The Truckee Police Department has graduated more than 40 students through the three Police Citizen Academies and plans are in the works for the fourth academy. If interested, call Executive Assistant Rosemary O’Gorman at 550-2340 for details and information.