No NIMBYs in our backyard |

No NIMBYs in our backyard

A statement made by an attendee at last week’s Truckee Planning commission meeting left us a little incredulous: “The biggest thing I oppose is the economic segregation that is proposed by this project. You are creating basically a rich zone and a poor zone.”The project in question is the Spring Creek subdivision, which will actually get some affordable housing on the ground in Truckee. By thinking outside the box, Ciro Mancuso is going to build 30, pre-fab duplex-style homes. In addition, the project will also include 36 market-rate manufactured homes, which will encircle the inner group of duplex units.Now, the idea of a bunch of stereotypical manufactured homes being trucked into Truckee and plopped down on cinder blocks would rightly be a reason to pause, particularly for the folks – like the person who made the comment to the planning commission – who have purchased expensive lots and are building brand new homes in the adjacent 118 lot Pine Forest subdivision. And if that was the case then the not-in-my-backyard statement wouldn’t be too far off base considering the economic realities that usually exist in such differing developments.But that won’t be the case for Spring Creek. For starters, the duplex-style houses – actually zero lot-line homes built on foundations with their own yards and garages – will be available for purchase to moderate income earners. The units are expected to sell near or below $300,000.For some recent arrivals to Truckee, a neighborhood with $300,000 homes may just constitute a “poor zone.” But this “poor zone” – unlike large-lot residential projects like Pine Forest – will be a development that allows Truckee to retain a portion of its endangered middle class workforce. And since when has a project that strives to offer homeownership to workers like teachers and police officers become a “poor zone”?While Spring Creek’s other 36 manufactured homes are just that – manufactured, prices will be dictated by the market. And that, as we all know, is why we need affordably priced homes in Truckee.What we don’t need are NIMBY attitudes and preconceived ideas that keep innovative and attractive housing options from being built.

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