One year later and one year wiser |

One year later and one year wiser

Happy Anniversary Sierra Sun, you are one year old as a daily paper. It feels like a milestone. In reality it is just one more chapter in a long and colorful history. More than 140 years in the making this community newspaper has seen a lot of change. We hear a great deal about change in our lives these days. No development or paved path or pier or roundabout gets considered without the argument for or against such change raging in the pages of this paper.Change is tough. Its been said what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. They must have been talking about combining two established weekly papers into one daily paper. The angst readers and advertisers felt during the first year, I understand. We have felt your pain. We all understand that it is no small thing to alter, combine and generally change two papers that have peacefully coexisted for several generations. So why do it? And why after a year and most of the dust settling would I bring up this topic? I bring it up to share with you what I have learned, observed and experienced in this process? I think you can relate.First, I have learned that no one will ever agree on everything all the time. Opinions vary, and this is a healthy and good thing. I have learned this is a work in progress. It is not perfect; it never will be. We try things, we tweak, we try new things, we tweak. Perfection is a moving target and well keep reaching for it daily. I learned that during such a big change you can never repeat your mission enough. Our mission: Great people connecting communities, aims to unite the coverage of the North Tahoe and Truckee communities, while never overlooking the qualities that make each neighborhood separate and unique. Our mission is to bring the conversations of these communities together and do it on a daily basis, providing timely information to readers. Our mission is to be intensely local, covering the heart and soul of our area. Our mission is to serve our communities professionally and have a little fun too. I have learned that I didnt say that clearly enough or often enough and must continue to get that message out. I learned that habits change, people adjust. As hard as it is, were a resilient lot. Readers, advertisers, staff and the communities shift and adjust. I have learned that deadlines never cease to face us. And daily for us means daily for readers. Readers who weve asked to make the leap from weekly to reading each day. That is a big change and one that takes time. Ultimately, more people pick up the paper and read it, stories and ads. Free distribution helps with that. With our visitor, second-home owner demographic a different and diverse collection of people pick up the paper each issue. That is a very unique aspect of our market. More readers means more engaged, involved citizens. More and various readers mean more vibrant dialogue and civic engagement. Conversation is beginning to happen more regionally on issues affecting us in common.So, a year passes for the combined Sierra Sun daily and the now entertainment/visitor focused Tahoe World weekly. Do we like everything about the papers? No. But we like much of it and I am darn proud of the people who work hard everyday to get us closer to our goal of perfection. Help us do that by coming into the newsrooms, talk to us, call us, give us your opinion, request coverage and let us know when we hit the mark. Were still learning, one year later and one year wiser. We have many to go.Jody Poe is the publisher of the Sierra Sun and Tahoe World. Reach her at

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