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Opinion: 13 signs that tell me I’m ready for ski season to start

Bill Rozak

I’m just now realizing I’m a little nuts. OK, maybe more than a little. My girlfriend, Jill, is sick of hearing me complain (already) about winter not coming fast enough.

I realize my whole disposition is starting to be affected in anticipation for winter.

Here are my top reasons I know I’m itching (psycho) for snow.

I traded in my beanie for a regular trucker hat hoping that changes my fortune and brings cooler weather and snow.

I stare at the weather app on my iPad in the morning before work and check the forecast every hour hoping that a new Godzilla storm is headed our way, or to confirm that the storm on the horizon is still coming.

I’ve wiped down my winter gear for a third time and am staring at it in the corner of the room — I apologize to it that it’s not out being used. And I also wonder if I should again wax my skis for a third time … afraid that it might be losing its effectiveness after I did it a couple weeks ago.

I drive up the mountain passes after each storm to survey the situation, only to be disappointed because there’s a few inches of snow and not feet.

I grouch at everybody that loves sunny skies in November.

I disagree with everybody who has bad memories of last year’s winter.

I write snow sports article after snow sports article waiting for the big dump that never comes, or so it feels.

I think about resorts’ opening days, everyday, at least three times per day.

I whine to my girlfriend that the drought has returned and it’s not going to snow this year.

I put spider spikes on her car in hopes that she’ll need to use them soon.

I live life through one open resort that has just one chairlift running, and want to be there for a couple of runs no matter the cost … almost.

I hike up the mountains on Carson Pass, look across to other peaks and think, “I could hike up there and rip down that 100-yard snow chute. That looks doable.”

I hike up Mount Tallac with a group of friends, doing reconnaissance so I can pick my future lines of descent.

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