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Opinion: Being quiet and ‘giving the president a chance’ misses point of democracy

I’m impressed with recent contributor Bryan DeVoe’s dedication to helping our veterans’ families, as mentioned in his Feb. 17 My Turn column, “We all should respect the office of the president.”

Similar to Mr. DeVoe’s reaction in Denny’s, millions of Americans are also standing up for their beliefs. In response I would like to say a few words.

Most are not trying to block Mr. Trump, we are reacting to threats made to our core values by recent Presidential edicts. I don’t believe that America, founded by immigrants, should turn refugees and immigrants away.

I believe that all Americans should have health care; I don’t care what program, just make sure there is one before demolishing the current one.

I don’t believe American public schools should be run by someone with no experience in, nor love for, public education. I believe there is ample scientific evidence to maintain environmental protections and am appalled that agency is in the hands of someone who doesn’t believe in those protections.

I believe news agencies need unfettered access to our government as protected by the First Amendment and not be undermined by irresponsible accusations of “fake news.”

If we don’t let our President know of our discontent, just as Mr. DeVoe and his friends at Denny’s did, we aren’t being responsible citizens.

One cannot abdicate their responsibility to speak out when something is unjust; that is un-American. To say that Americans being vocal now are not giving the President a chance is missing the point of Democracy.

When the President makes far-reaching decisions without presenting them to Congress for vigorous debate, we have few ways to be heard. Write letters, go to Congressional leaders, write articles, and yes, march.

It’s patriotic to make our voices heard if we feel our country’s in danger of compromising its core values. We ARE giving President Trump a chance—- a chance to listen.

Cindy Flores

Tahoe Vista