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Opinion: Bike riders, not motorists, are the problem at Truckee-Tahoe

In the front page article of May 29th issue of the Sierra Sun, the headline in bold print reads “It is terrifying.”

The article is mostly about fears bicyclists face while riding on public streets and the less-than-one-year-old law that requires motorists to maintain a three-foot distance from cyclists when passing them.

I appreciate all the concerns stated in the article; after all, I also ride a bike. But I’d like to list my fears and concerns — from a automobile driver’s view point.

It’s terrifying for me when a bicyclist blows through a stop sign, not even slowing down a little bit. Do they not understand that the sign applies to them also?

It’s terrifying for me when two bike riders insist on riding side by side, making one of them invariably go into the traffic lane of a car, just so they can continue a conversation. They don’t seem to give any regard to their actions that make a passing car cross over the yellow line to avoid them.

It’s terrifying to me when a bicyclists refuses to get in the center of the bike lane and continues to ride on the white divider line, again, making a car passing by go over the yellow line.

It’s terrifying to me that so many bike riders, especially the ones who wear the fancy outfits with a number on their back, and also the recent visitor bike racers, who don’t respect or abide by the law.

I recently came to a new understanding regarding the street sign that states “Share the Road” and shows a bike and car on it. I now understand that this sign is more for bicyclist than automobiles.

I know that not all bike riders are rude, as I also know that not all car drivers are inconsiderate, but that seems to be where most of the blame goes — to the automobile driver.

For me, I hope the bike races and such don’t return, unless someone gives them a lesson in safe bike riding first.

Jamie Brimer


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