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Opinion: Common-sense regulations needed for guns in America


An earlier version of this opinion piece incorrectly concluded that at gun shows in Nevada, one can purchase guns with “no regulations.” Since, the Sun has updated the article to reflect one can do so with “few regulations.”

I am very troubled by Sierra Sun co-GM Ben Rogers’ July 1 opinion column — “Solving the issue of American gun violence” — and its conclusions, and have gotten even more upset with recent events in the U.S. (Minneapolis, Dallas, and rallies where many openly show up with AR-15s).

You state guns are merely tools and should not be regulated. Following your logic, what is the purpose of assault rifles, such as the AR-15, which have been used in the last 7 out of 10 gun massacres in the U.S.?

This is not a screwdriver. It is tool, as you as you call it, with the sole purpose to kill or seriously injure as many people in the shortest amount of time possible. I strongly believe the only people who should have access to this kind of tool are trained active military people, or a very select, active, trained police personnel.

How would you like it if a loved one or friend were killed at school, a movie, a meeting or club by one of these tools? I don’t think you would be smiling as broadly as you are in your picture in the Sierra Sun.

If a person is on a watch list that can prevent him or her from boarding a plane (no legal process required), he or she should not be able to purchase a gun without first submitting to a legal process! That seems like just common sense!

Living in an idyllic area such as Truckee is not an excuse to ignore the real world. Nevada, right next door, publicizes that they have many gun shows where one can buy these kinds of assault rifles with few regulations.

The constitution has evolved over the years through the amendment process to make it relevant to current conditions. Otherwise, both women and blacks would not be able to vote today. And alcohol would be illegal.

It is not cast in stone. If you study U.S. history and U.S. civics, you would know our Founding Fathers set the constitution up to evolve and remain current and applicable for the current needs of our times

The only practical suggestion I saw in your article was the idea that we should both beef up our support and funding of the mentally ill. Congress has largely cut back on this noble goal starting with the Reagan era and is continuing through to our current congress.

I am not suggesting we completely take away the rights of gun ownership, but to incorporate some common sense regulations that are applicable today.

We have more gun deaths per capita than any other advanced country in the world — not because we are free, but because there are simply too many guns readily available. This is not an all-or-nothing proposition that the NRA propagates constantly and vigilantly.

Again we must use common sense regulations for the greater good of our county. You are not helping on this common sense objective.

Elise Morgan is a Truckee resident.

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