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Opinion: Concerned with medical pot dispensaries

Tuesday, September 22, one other Incline resident and I attended the county commissioners board meeting in order to oppose the MMEs (Medical Marijuana Establishments) planned for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

She and I are shocked at Incline’s lack of alarm over this impending peril. We wonder if it’s ignorance over the impact of local MMEs or if it’s a persistent (and dangerous) belief that pot is harmless.

If you haven’t read Colorado’s impact report (search: 2015 FINAL LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA IN COLORADO THE IMPACT), you should at least skim it.

It’s a 20/20 hindsight warning. If you read only one section, read the one on the impact on the youth.

We were impressed by the many, many Reno people who spoke out against the MME at The Lodge in Galena — ER doctors and nurses, retired law enforcement officers, businessmen, homemakers, teachers, a couple parents who had lost children to drivers under the influence of marijuana, and a Sparks woman who moved from Lake Elsinore, Calif., where MMEs were established four miles from her home and degraded the entire community.

During the meeting, the Vice Chair said they had received word in the last 20 minutes that the owner of The Lodge had withdrawn from having an MME there. People cheered. That’s great for them, but what about us?

IV/CB locals fight to improve our education, to preserve Tahoe’s beauty, to protect property values and to keep our streets safe. Yet most seem oblivious to this huge risk looming over our community with THREE MMEs set for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Even our county commissioner, Marsha Berkbigler, is “very concerned about the situation in Incline.”

Where are the parents, the teachers, the community leaders? Doesn’t Incline have a drug task force? Where are they? Where is everyone?

Debbie Larson

Incline Village