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Opinion: Concerns with IVGID candidate Miller’s statements

IVGID Candidate Judith Miller, in her Oct. 27 statement on page 13 of the Bonanza, wrote, “Unlike other candidates who hide their true beliefs just to get elected, I have expressed my own opinions not only in this statement, but in my letters and guest columns … public comments at IVGID meetings…”

She also may have expressed her true beliefs in her “Declaration of Judith L. Miller in Opposition to Defendant IVGID’s Motion for Attorney’s Fees.” Read this at negotiatingsolutions.com/JudithMillerDeclaration.pdf.

It is 12 pages long, and like her husband’s legal filings, full of questionable “facts.” On page 4, she writes, “I can unequivocally state that at no time did my husband ever say to me or even infer by other statements that his intent in bringing this action was to harass anyone.”

She states that her “husband was determined to ‘clean up his community,’” and that “His undaunted efforts … to accomplish this laudable goal have been wrongfully characterized as harassment.”

“If anything,” she writes, “he has been the object of IVGID’s harassment.” She concludes, “My husband’s tireless efforts, at great personal cost, seeking equality, justice and truth from a public agency, are not harassment, they are heroic.”

I have lived through eight years of Aaron Katz’s “tireless efforts,” seen him destroy the careers of capable IVGID employees, bring endless Ethic Committee suits, Open Meeting Law violation complaints, and cause us to pay over $230K in legal fees to defend against these ridiculous and overwhelmingly meritless claims.

If Ms. Miller’s Declaration represents her true beliefs about her husband, there is no way she could be a responsible IVGID Trustee. If it is false, or written for her by someone else, while sworn by her “to be true and correct under penalty of perjury,” there is also no way she could be a good Trustee.

Kaye Shackford

Incline Village