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Opinion: Defending IVGID candidates Robert Olmer, Judy Miller

There is a considerable difference between attacking the facts and attacking the character of those who present them. There is also a sharp divide between hearsay, rumors and reality based analysis and conclusions.

After receiving anonymous emails, mass mailings, postings on a community Facebook page and seeing posters scattered around town, I have been deeply distressed by opinion letters authored by Kaye Shackford (May 19), Bob Allen (July 28), Bruce Simonian (Oct. 19) and Chuck Otto (Oct. 26) in the Bonanza sharing their view or implied that IVGID Candidate Judy Miller was a stand-in for her husband, Aaron Katz, and should be disqualified from voters’ consideration.

There was no analysis or counterpoints to her knowledgeable positions on budgeting, financial reporting, communication, community participation in District-wide decision making and other critical issues. No one could challenge her exceptional experience and qualifications.

Apparently, a wedding band erases a woman’s own individual identity, achievements and future goals, and instead of looking at her resume, you should judge her on the merits of her spouse.

And this bias doesn’t only apply to women. Candidate Robert Olmer was also scorched from appraisal because Otto, in his letter, “Do not vote for Miller, Olmer in IVGID board race,” claimed Mr. Olmer was a good friend and adviser to Katz.

Once again, Olmer’s political platform and valuable professional skills were discounted, and nonsensical and invalid assertions were used as substitutes for rational debate.

Candidate Peter Morris’ Oct. 26 letter, “Responding to Mr. Able’s criticisms last week,” continued the trend by launching a character assassination of Michael Abel rather than presenting a fact-based rebuttal to Mr. Abel’s factual assertions.

This is the stuff that fills the pages of tabloids, the talking heads on cable channels and the applauded insults on Reality TV. Is this the type of dialogue you want to embrace when you evaluate candidates that will best represent you on the IVGID Board of Trustees?

Linda Newman

Incline Village

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