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Opinion: Donald Trump is not qualified to lead this country

Really? Donald Trump has the best answer to eliminate ISIS? That is the conclusion of Jim Clark’s opinion column in the March 31 edition of the Bonanza.

Mr. Clark warned us last December that effective policy would have to wait “until an adult moves into the White House.” Apparently Trump is that adult!

It’s hard to nail down Trump’s policies since he reverses weekly. Trump’s proposals include: destroy ISIS oil fields (already being done), “bomb the hell out of ISIS” (sounds so easy), ban Muslim immigrants (but many attacks have been by citizens), torture, and killing terrorists’ families. Torture and the intentional killing of civilians are against international and American law.

Lashing out wildly in the Middle East may be satisfying when we’re outraged after a terrorist attack, but it’s unlikely to promote US interests or get rid of ISIS. Trump has no government or military experience. If elected, he would be the first president who could make that claim.

That doesn’t make him some kind of outsider savior who could relate better to all us non-billionaires. It makes him unqualified to lead the country.

Mr. Clark states that terrorism is the most important question of the presidential race. Funny, before the Paris attacks Republican candidates were more concerned with such monumental issues as defunding Planned Parenthood (the evidence for this is now discredited and its purveyors under indictment in Texas), repealing Obamacare (they’ve already wasted Congress’ time doing that 60+ times), and of course attacking each other.

Certainly national security is important, but the Republican candidates jumped on it after Nov. 13 as a fear tactic. Whatever will make the news and sound scary. Funny they don’t mention tax cuts for the rich and cuts to Medicare and Social Security, which are part of all of their programs. They are who is scary.

Rick Needham

Tahoe Vista

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