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Opinion: Editor doesn’t understand sacred rituals of Catholicism

In regards to editor Kevin MacMillan’s “Cowardly act…” column from last week, I appreciate that the purpose of your article was to protest the vandalizing of churches in our North Shore area.

I am glad that you are committed to respecting the religious beliefs of others, even considering your “non-belief.”

And, it is commendable that you allow others their right to “worship the way they want and believe in the kind of faith they want.”

However, I was saddened by your lack of respect for something you were taught and believed until you were “old enough” to make up your own mind about practicing your religion.

The Eucharist is not “eating stale wafers and sipping cheap wine.” The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ.

And the Mass is not “the same ritual each week of kneeling and sitting and standing…” There is meaning to every prayer and movement in the Mass, and if it is not understood, it cannot be appreciated.

So, I do not believe you need to make fun of something sacred in order to appeal to people of like mentality just to get a point across.

And in making fun of these sacred rituals, you show that you never really understood them in the first place.

Teresa Mills

Kings Beach