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Opinion: Great inspiration from Women’s March in Kings Beach

I attended the Women’s March in Kings Beach on January 21. I became overwhelmed with emotion as I looked into the crowd, nearly 800 people from my community, ‹mostly women, but men, children and families, too.

We gathered together for the same purpose, to promote peace, unity, solidarity, resistance, women’s rights and human rights. To celebrate diversity.

We marched together to enthusiastic and supportive honks and cheers from passing motorists. “Love, not Hate, makes America great,” we chanted. “When they go low, we go high,” we called out. “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here,” we shouted.

My friend, Kimberly, ran into the local market to purchase a sandwich. The young man behind her in line exclaimed, “Please, let me buy you lunch, I’m so inspired by what you people are doing!” mA stranger reaching out.

One of my greatest heroes is my grandmother. Born in Puerto Rico in 1883, she became a revered curandera, a healer who used the remedies of herbs and the laying on of hands. She treated everyone in her small village with respect and delivered babies with the midwife when the women had no other health care.

I believe my Abuela Chepa, who lived to nearly 100 years old, was with me in some capacity on this day of all days, proudly cheering me on.

Celeste Leon