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Opinion: High-speed bikers making Truckee River Legacy Trail unsafe

I am very worried about the huge influx of high-tech bikers speeding on the Truckee River Legacy Trail. There has been a noticeable increase since the expansion of the trail to Glenshire.

This trail is no longer safe for anyone. In using the term “anyone,” I am referring to anyone walking, adults, kids, small children in strollers, dog, etc.

We have talked to many people in town who simply won’t go there anymore because of the danger that is caused by the speed of these bikers. They are not “in control” when they are going 30-45 mph. Everyone on the trail is now vulnerable to these reckless bikers.

I know this has been on the town’s agenda, but I don’t think that enough is being done to make it safe. I understand the bikers have rights, but so do race car drivers. They race cars on a raceway that is isolated so no one gets in harms way.

I believe the opening of the new extension of the trail to Glenshire has brought many diehard bikers here. If perhaps the new part of the trail was designated for these speed bikers, everyone could enjoy the trail. The first part of the trail would have a very low speed limit so that they could still use the trail without it being a danger.

This problem is affecting our town and the pleasures that we all look forward to in the summer. I would appreciate a response or call from someone at the town. I have a group who are ready to start a petition if we cannot get a satisfactory action from the town.

Joni Carollo