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Opinion: I’m tired of the ‘guns don’t kill people’ rhetoric

Sierra Sun co-GM Ben Rogers’ opinion column in the July 1 edition — “Guns and violence in the U.S.” — is one more attempt to exempt guns from the violence and killing that plagues our society.

The analogy to a tool is oversimplified (why yes, I like my odds better if attacked with a screwdriver). I tire of “people kill people, guns don’t kill people” rhetoric, just as the second amendment arguments seem to stifle any attempt to modernize a document written in the time of muskets.

None will argue against more mental health care. As part of the our hospital’s Wellness Neighborhood, we have been recruiting for years, and frankly nationwide there is and will continue to be a shortage in care providers.

Major national priorities will have to change to achieve much better. Ask yourself, however, how many ISIS-inspired humanoids will come in to be counseled.

To quote the LA times recently, “… gun laws won’t change our culture of violence but they will make us safer.” California has just passed some common sense laws that put limits on assault weapons (really, who needs a gun with more than 10 bullets in it?).

There is now a heavy price to pay if you supply guns for a friend or relative committing crimes while dodging background checks. Be prepared for a ballot measure coming soon that will background check ammunition sales, as many future felons already have the guns.

No question this area affects our children, so be wary of handguns also. Research shows that a handgun is more likely to injure or kill a family member than stop an intruder. Add neighbor and friends as accidental targets and it gets worse.

Add kids who may play with a pistol, or depressed adolescents with access who are suicidal and possibilities are even darker. I urge you to think past the NRA.

Chris Arth


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