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Opinion: IVGID Board has ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ attitude

I actually listened to the LiveStream event of the IVGID Board of Trustees meeting held on Thursday, January 14th. I skipped over Joe Pomroy’s presentation, but from then on I listened.

And to tell you the truth, I was dismayed at the performance of the board. Here we have staff personnel Brad Johnson and Gerry Eick telling the board what they want to get done over the next 5 years concerning the Capital Improvement Project plans.

Mr. Johnson makes comments like “… 98% of our funding over the next 5 years is dedicated to our existing structure…”, and “…the Rec Fee is stable at $830 for the next few years…”, etc.

Yet, no one on the board asks the very obvious questions like, “What is the minimum amount we need to spend this fiscal year to keep our current operations functioning properly?” Or “What are we doing today that we don’t need to do?”

“The Board should do the job they were elected to do, not just acquiesce to Staff’s desires.”

The staff sit there and tell the board what they want to do, but no trustee challenges their assumptions. Thank God Trustee Tim Callicrate admonished them for stating that consultants must be hired to develop certain phases. Does anyone ever think about the fact that IVGID does not have any money to do expansions, that they will have to issue bonds?

Even with the subsidy of the Rec Fee, IVGID is barely breaking even. This talk about putting aside 3% of operations to fund capital projects is kind of humorous since operations barely break even, even with the Rec Fee, so how is the Board going to set aside 3%, which in my estimation is about $550,000 of operating revenues for the Community Service & Beach Funds?

Now, the Chairperson of the Board, Kendra Wong, is a CPA, but this is one CPA who does not seem to raise, probe or examine the assumptions and methodologies that Staff has proposed.

The Board sits there and absorbs/assumes/agrees with what Staff tells them. Why not challenge their assumptions? Why not say we are unwilling to spend anything on Capital Projects in the next fiscal year unless Staff can prove that something will break?

Collectively, the Board projects a “hear no evil, see no evil” attitude. As a friend said to me, what’s the requirement to be a Trustee? That one has a pulse?

As a parcel owner, it is very sad to watch the interactions of the Board versus the IVGID staff. The Board just sits there and accepts Staff’s comments as the Gospel Truth. The Board should do the job they were elected to do, not just acquiesce to Staff’s desires.

Dick Warren is a part-time Incline Village resident and an Incline property owner.

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