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Opinion: IVGID has major issues

I am one of those Incline Village property owners who pay the $830 annual Recreation Facility Fee and Beach Fee, although I live and vote in San Francisco and do not vote in Incline Village.

I developed an interest in IVGID policies after the introduction of the $18 million Diamond Peak Master Plan. My wife and I have been Incline Village property owners for almost 25 years, and until recently, I really did not take an interest in IVGID’s operations or its politics.

But, I must tell you, as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), IVGID’s financial reporting is less than desirable. There are serious issues with respect to what IVGID’s Senior Management is doing, the most egregious being their “smoothing” or “repurposing” of recreation fees that have been collected for bonds that have now been paid down or retired, yet continuing to collect those funds for other purposes.

How could this possibly be legal? IVGID raises the Recreation Facility Fee to secure a bond, then once the bond is paid off, IVGID decides to continue to collect those surplus fees and move, smooth or repurpose those funds somewhere else. Really? Did fee payers decide that? Did the voters? I think not.

Further, I wonder why a resident like Ed Gurowitz in a May 6 Opinion lambastes trustees Jim Smith and Tim Callicrate for trying to ascertain what is going on at IVGID.

I understand Ed, as a renter, does not pay the $830 fee that I do, so I guess he’s pretty happy with things as they are. Aren’t we all happy with spending other people’s money?

When we have two trustees exercising oversight of our taxpayer dollars, analyzing our annual budget and examining our recreation fees, they are chastised for doing so. Why?

I wish individuals like Ed Gurowitz would spend a little time with Aaron Katz, a local homeowner who has dealt with IVGID issues extensively over many years.

I must admit, there are a few folks who do not like Aaron. What I find interesting is that few ever challenge what Aaron says, and this includes IVGID, the Board of Trustees and residents. And I think I know why. Aaron, for the most part, but not always, is correct. But for whatever reasons, a lot of folks do not like his style.

What’s important here? Style or substance? IVGID has huge issues. Regardless of your affinity for who is attacking or not attacking IVGID, don’t you really want to find out what’s going on at IVGID?

Dick Warren is a part-time Incline Village resident and an Incline property owner.

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