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Opinion: IVGID needs to address beach access abuse

Another year has passed and there have been no changes made in the numbers of people having access to our restricted beaches.

And while we were sleeping, we now have pass holders setting up shop renting their boats and their fleet of Jet skis … of course bringing in their “guest” for this purpose.

What other vendors do we have … hmmm? And there is a scenario shared with me of a group of 15 beach attendees, complete with umbrellas and canopies, enjoyed the day as “friends of renters.”

Beach access abuses seem to happen on a regular basis.

There is talk of taking the beaches out of Ordinance No. 7 and having this as a separate part of IVGID.

This begs the question of the past Ninth Circuit Judgment, that, with few exceptions, “IVGID ONLY ALLOWS PEOPLE WHO OWN OR RENT REAL PROPERTY WITHIN IVGID’S 1968 BOUNDRIES TO ACCESS BEACHES THAT IT OWNS AND OPERATES….”

Will the many abuses jeopardize this court order and have we not already overstepped its intent?

I have written separately to each board trustee asking for a meeting to discuss possible solutions to the many problems we have with the beach access and parking situation.

All the problems are solvable as I see it. Not one member has given me the courtesy of a response.

It is time for the residents to take action and take back our beaches.

Jane Bekowich

Incline Village