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Opinion: IVGID Rec Fee is a bargain

Thank you for publishing IVGID General Manager Steve Pinkerton’s explanation in his column, “District provides service – not profits – to the community,” of the use of the Rec Fees.

As he and several writers have pointed out, Incline Village was developed as a residential recreation development. We have far more venues available in IV/CB than just Golf, Skiing and the Rec Center that Steve mentioned in his article. He forgot to talk about the other half of the uses of recreation budget: Youth Programs, Senior Programs, Parks, Tennis and Other Recreation.

Few, if any, residents use all of the services. But most residents use some. Youth and Senior programs account for about the same use-of-funds as the golf programs. These fund things like our organized sports fields and various senior activities that are basically free to residents.

The use of fees for Parks is about 40 percent bigger than golf. This pays for maintenance of much of our green space. Our Rec Fees also pay to plow the sidewalks of snow, so we can enjoy a brisk winter walk.

Most of us moved to Incline Village/Crystal Bay for the basket of services offered by IVGID. We have wonderful venues such as The Chateau, Aspen Grove, multiple sports fields, golf, tennis, skiing, hiking and just simple picnicking to help us enjoy life.

We are getting a bargain at $730 for the Rec Fee.

Dan Beadle

Incline Village