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Opinion: Jim Porter columns, and fire extinguishers

I always enjoy reading Jim Porter’s columns. In reading last Friday’s column, “Firefighter immunity, yes or no?”, I am afraid that people would come away thinking an extinguisher could have save Mr. Puskar from terrible burns.

A pressurized extinguisher would be one of the worst things to us on the oil fire in the skillet. If used, the extinguisher would have blown burning oil all over, possibly catching the kitchen on fire. Water is the other thing never to be used on this type of fire.

The recommended way is to put the lid on the pan or cover the fire with baking soda or salt. NEVER USE FLOUR, as it is explosive. For all the fire extinguishers everywhere, very few people know how to properly use them.

Obviously, Mr. Puskar did not know a pressurized extinguisher would have made the situation worse. YouTube has great videos on when and how to use them.

Steven Phillips

Tahoe Vista