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Opinion: Kudos to Strotz Family, Cruz Construction

The Incline High School Sophomore Class wants to extend a huge thank you to those who helped make our Marvel versus DC Homecoming float fabulous.

First, thank you Strotz family for allowing us to spend many days and nights taking up space at your home building the float. A special shout out to Will Strotz who created an amazing “bat-mobile.”

Second, thank you Cruz Construction for loaning us your trailer, truck and driver; we greatly appreciate the rails you assembled for our safety. Additionally, we are also grateful to the Cruz family for letting us use many of their supplies and driveway to create decorations.

Lastly, thank you to the parents who donated boxes, supplies, spray paint, and various other items. We wouldn’t have had half as much fun without the contributions from all of you!

Haeden Suter

President, Sophomore Leadership Class