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Opinion: Legacy Trail problems more than just dogs and poop

I sympathize with Mr. Golden’s opinion in the March 2 edition of the Sierra Sun, “The dirty secret of the Truckee River Legacy Trail.” However, the problem goes beyond dogs running wild, the pavement poop, and the overly collegial strollers who remain oblivious of racing commuters bearing down upon them.

There are also the toddlers, dawdlers, kids on trikes, skateboarders, joggers, and the doddering elderly who clog the trail. And there are the people who meander side to side on their balloon-tired bikes, concentrating on their phone with their pooch trotting alongside. They have no idea who else is coming down the trail.

So, kudos to the Sierra Sun and Mr. Golden for publicizing a problem that will grow as the trail’s popularity expands. Fortunately, our problem is not unique or new.

For example, the American River Parkway in Sacramento County receives much heavier and more varied use. Bicyclists there have played a constructive role in making it safer and compatible to a wide range of users. Maybe the same could happen here.

I have an admission and request to make. I am one of the scofflaws who walks his dog off-leash, drifts into daydreams, and occasionally leaves a poop bag next to the trail. My request, then, is that racing commuters signal their approach, particularly when approaching from behind, with a call of “on your left.”

And, if bike-riders are getting pavement poop on their tires, that suggests they are daydreaming, too, and need to slow down. As far the ice goes, that is a tough one. Maybe the town could hire an ice-chipper to patrol the trail. But, who wants to pay for that?

Jan Zabriskie


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