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Opinion: Letter to Congress about Obamacare

In our home, it is our 13-year-old daughter’s job to do the dishes. When she is not home, however, my husband and I enter into an admittedly childish standoff where we allow the dirty dishes to pile up and then we wait to see who will give in first.

I usually win since my husband has a much lower threshold for messes than do. The problem is that after he cleans the dishes, he puts them away without regard to any organizational system whatsoever.

In this situation, I have a few different choices: I can feel frustrated with the way he cleans, I can do it myself, or I can critique him, which would probably result in him never cleaning the kitchen again.

What does this have to do with Obamacare? Everything.

“Stop wasting our time and money with hearings about who said what when the law was being written and start working on tort reform and fixing the flaws in the employer mandate.”

Health care in this country was a mess before the passage of the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare).

On the one hand, it is quite remarkable that one of the most dysfunctional bodies of human beings ever assembled even managed to pass a health care reform bill in the first place.

On the other hand, those of us who have been immersed in the law since its passage know what needs to be changed and we see through your avoidance tactics.

It is easier for some of you to dig in your heels for repeal (which President Obama said he will never sign) and to spread fear and doubt in the media than it would be for you to actually learn the law and how to fix it.

Imagine if instead of standing on the sidelines overanalyzing my husband’s kitchen cleaning tactics, I celebrated the fact that my husband took action when I refused.

Then what if I worked with him as a team, and added my superior organizational skills to the situation and put away the dishes where they belong after he cleaned them? Imagine how much more efficient and happy we would be.

Congress, what if you did the same thing?

You are a group of intelligent men and women including doctors, lawyers, business owners and scholars.

How great would it be if you all pretended for a minute that you were on the same team (our team), rather than on the teams of the interest groups that pay many of you to feed your own ambitions?

If you actually stood in the shoes of the people you represent and worked together, I have no doubt that we could end up with the most efficient and robust health care system in the world.

Stop talking about repeal because changes such as ‘guaranteed issue’ even for people with pre-existing conditions and the prohibitions on lifetime limits were good.

Stop wasting our time and money with hearings about who said what when the law was being written and start working on tort reform and fixing the flaws in the employer mandate.

Stop with your lawsuits that will cost the country millions of dollars and start understanding the places where the ACA unfairly burdens narrow segments of the population while creating windfalls for others.

Stop with your news interviews where you pander to the special interests and start learning about the massive loophole that will leave thousands of children uninsured.

Finally, talk to those of us on the ground about the struggles we see employers facing and ask us about the easy legislative fixes that would encourage job growth.

It is time to start working together to give everyone real access to health care, to support US businesses and to strengthen our economy.

Kaya Bromley is an Incline Village attorney and President/CEO of “Your Obamacare Advisors.” Visit yourobamacareadvisors.com/ to learn more.

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