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Opinion: Likening IVGID Board Chair Kendra Wong to King George III

It was with great sadness that I found out last week about the IVGID Board’s vote to stifle of opposition at meetings.

As a member of the financial responsibility faction in Incline Village (www.IVGID4us.org), I see the board’s actions to limit public comment to three minutes at the beginning and end of the meetings as a clear quashing of our rights to dissent.

I have read the comments of many members of the community and am shocked as an American and an advocate of the First Amendment.

I have read the comments about “too long meetings,” “I don’t go anymore because of Aaron Katz and Frank Wright,” “they just repeat the same stuff,” etc. I too would echo these same comments of many esteemed members of our community.

But, EXCUUUUUSE ME, this is the job of people who are our so-called representatives to listen to the opposition. Americans too easily forget that we fought this little war called the revolution on the very issue of taxation without representation.

While it would be a stretch to compare Kendra Wong to King George III, it is clear that the issue is the same as it was in 1776. Our First Amendment was designed to protect the freedom of the minority to speak out — it was designed to protect unpopular speech.

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was a clear example of a seed change in our society that took place only because black Americans had the protection of their First Amendment rights.

Finally. I would like to express my disapproval of IVGID having a Board meeting scheduled on Yom Kippur day — the most sacred day of the year for Jews, a day when observant Jews are precluded from work or attending public meetings.

Michael Abel

Incline Village

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