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Opinion: Mainstream news media not always honest or complete

Is the news media accurate and complete? Regarding accuracy, look at the news polls last fall, prior to the election.

Investors.com and the LA Times reported polls with Trump winning the election starting about four days before the election. The mainstream media either reported polls with Hillary winning by a landslide or a 4% lead.

Some people report that they read a variety of news media, such as CNN, NBC, ABC, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The only problem is that these news media all report about the same news from a liberal perspective.

Fox News has both liberal and conservative news programing, and Jay Sekulow Live, Drudge Report and Breitbart report news from a conservative perspective.

When Trump became President, the mainstream media was at a loss as to how it happened. They had given him so much negative press, they believed it to be impossible.

Very simply, Trump won by getting his message out to the people directly — he circumvented the mainstream media. He did this by holding rallies in major cities, recorded the rallies for those on Facebook and got balanced press from conservative news media.

Now, let’s compare news reporting between NBC online and Jay Sekulow Live. On March 20, 2017, the headline at NBC (online) was, “FBI’s Comey shoots down Trump’s wire tap claim, confirms Russia probe.”

Then, when listening to Jay Sekulow Life (Facebook), they explain that there wasn’t a wire tap, but there was surveillance on Trump and that Russia did not affect the outcome of the election.

In addition, Jay Sekulow pointed out that it doesn’t sound like the FBI is investigating the NSA leaks to the media, which as he points out is a felony with 10 years of prison. So the reporting is very different between these two news media.

Regarding completeness of the news, after the anti-Israel United Nations meeting in France last January, the majority of the news media didn’t report the outcome of the vote.

They only reported Vice President Joe Biden’s speech about how we need peace — not anything new of course. In order to find out what happened, Google was the only option.

To this day, most people do not know what happened — Britain chose not to sign the final agreement (breakingisraelnews.com), so fortunately the anti-Israel agenda did not move forward.

Something this important, and the mainstream media does not report it? So to answer my question, the news media are not always accurate, nor complete.

Yolanda Knaak is an Incline resident and a member of Incline Village/Crystal Bay Republican Women. Email her at yolanda7777@rocketmail.com.

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