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Opinion: Marijuana dispensaries part of nationwide master plan to legalize pot

While I truly believe that there is a place in our culture and in our laws for appropriate use of medicinal marijuana (noting that it is still against federal laws), I don’t understand why Nevada, or whichever state(s) have adopted the concept, needs a system of “dispensaries” specifically to fill those “prescriptions.”

If these prescriptions are legitimate and for real medical needs, they should be filled by legitimate pharmacies that are well established all over the country.

Pharmacists may reject the concept because of the federal law issue, but pharmacists are licensed and trained to properly dispense lawful drugs, and presumably able to recognize some abuses.

I believe we learned that Nevada “dispensaries” may recognize California medical cards. Our two local pharmacies know or are aware of most local doctors, but unfortunately would not have a clue when a bogus California Rx shows up in Incline Village (nor would a local dispensary).

Washoe County proposes to create up to three new businesses in Incline Village — which would increase our viability as a tourist destination and increase the risks to our children and grandchildren.

Thanks for thinking of us, Washoe.

I have seen outrageous ads in California newspapers by doctors touting medical cannabis cards (no physical required, probably no insurance and full payment to the doctor).

Also, I suspect a good investigative reporter could find that many of these doctors have financial interests in the “dispensaries” already established in other states just as they do in independent outpatient surgery centers.

I honestly believe the licenses to dispense medical marijuana, and also to grow their own product, is very clearly part of the nationwide master plan to be prepared and to legalize recreational marijuana, which I oppose.

And here’s a news flash, aired after I drafted this letter, and paraphrased because I did not record it: ABC radio national news reported that the CA legislature will consider a 15 percent excise tax on medical marijuana.

CA already collects about $50 million per year in sales taxes on medical cannabis. The proposed excise tax would add another $100 million to the coffers to be used for schools, etc.

The proposed use that caught my attention was the portion (unspecified) that would go to help “NEIGHBORHOODS ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY THE DISPENSARIES.”

Enough said.

Don Morrison is an Incline Village resident.

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