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Opinion: Martis Valley West Project makes sense

As someone who has lived and worked in Lake Tahoe for most of my life, I’ve seen my fair share of change over the years, and how it has affected both the local economy and the experience residents and visitors have while they are here.

As a local contractor (Principal with SMC Contracting), I have made my living building responsible projects in the area, and in the process, have been able to provide employment opportunities to other local residents, subcontractors and trades.

Our company performs work throughout Lake Tahoe, and I’ve worked on numerous large projects, both residential and commercial, in North Lake Tahoe.

I have helped redevelop Northstar, building on-site lodging properties, including the Welk Resorts and Constellation residences, as well as the Zephyr Lodge. These projects helped keep me, as well as other local subcontractors, working — employing as many as 25 subcontractors and their employees per project.

The Martis Valley West Project would provide the last opportunity in the Martis Valley for people in my line of work to provide and partake in jobs close to home.

Not only that, as a mountain biker and someone who enjoys recreating on the trails across the street from Northstar, I recognize the value of conserving the 6,000-plus acres Sierra Pacific Industries owns on the East side of Hwy 267.

I would like to see that land preserved for my children (and their children) to enjoy. Martis Valley West is a smart plan, and the right plan.

Joe Stewart

South Lake Tahoe