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Opinion: Open letter to IVGID trustees Jim Smith and Tim Callicrate

It is with great dismay that I read the article in the Bonanza on April 30 broadcasting your shortcomings. If anyone needs to go, it is you two.

Mr. Smith, you have done nothing but undermine, harass and devalue the senior staff and employees since you were elected.

Your Board Packet was not delivered to you, in what you perceive, in enough time to evaluate its contents. Baloney. You are the only one that has a direct negative effect on your ability to serve.

A lot of this information is not new. The Board has been reviewing numbers, policies and procedures for months. Ninety percent of the documents in the budget package are in large Power Point print.

If you don’t have time, it may be best to resign your position.

I have listened to you admonish people because they didn’t cater to your every whim and timeline. “I want this done by such and such a date.” Just who do you think you are?

The object of the board is to create and sustain a cohesive environment while representing the community, its needs and desires. You and the other board members help to set policy, direction, procedure and goals.

You were one of four who appointed Steve Pinkerton. You vetted him. He may not be doing the job you want, but he is doing a great job. Even though I didn’t vote for him, I supported him then and now. You should, too.

You two say the golf courses and other venues should break even or make a profit. Sounds like you have been listening to the CAVE people. All we can hope for is to make sure all of our venues are run as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

They are not perfect and they do strive to break even … but at what cost? Cut staff, employees, service, cater to non-residents to make the bottom line while disserving the residents?

It all has to make sense. It is a compromise and staff is doing a great job of handling the delicate balance.

Mr. Callicrate, it appears you are not comfortable with anyone. Your campaign rhetoric stinks of blanket untruths, and general misinformation. Get our fiscal house in order? We are and have been one of the most solvent municipalities, particularly during the Great Recession, in the state and have been recognized nationally.

We have sufficient reserves with 5-, 10- and 20-year plans, flexible enough to weather any storm or lack thereof.

You say we are overstaffed and that the staff is overpaid. I hope by now that you realize this is not true. Global Golf actually said we were under-staffed at our two courses.

Our pay scale falls near the high middle of the range of compensation for like jobs. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to work for a company that is continually under attack, not only from chronic outside complainers, but from the very people who should be appreciating their hard work and sacrifice, the Board.

The budget is easy to understand. It is very transparent. You, too, have plenty of time to read the material. There are no excuses. Do your job and quit complaining.

“Worst oversight in 30 years”? — all of your projections are your own, including lack of credibility, integrity, and leadership. If anyone needs to go, it’s you.

The items in the Board packet are not new to the Board. They don’t require in-depth first time reading. They have been under discussion and review for quite some time.

A large portion of the packet is Board meeting minutes and correspondence. The correspondence is passed on to the Board as it is received, so it should already have been read. The minutes are there for reference and can be read quickly, unless one is looking for something specific.

As a former Chairman and Board member, I find both of your statements and actions reprehensible. You are creating anarchy. This job is not about you, it’s about the people you represent and serve.

Bruce Simonian is an Incline Village resident and served as an IVGID trustee from 2011 to 2014.

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