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Opinion: Please listen to the people and vote down Martis Valley West

This is an open letter to Larry Sevison:

Dear Larry, please listen to the people. As a member of Placer County’s Planning Commission, you’ll be asked at the July 7th commission meeting to weigh in on the fate of an iconic ridgeline above Carnelian Bay by recommending approval or denial of the huge Martis Valley West project to the Board of Supervisors.

Last month, over 250 residents attended the initial Planning Commission meeting on this proposal, and only two spoke in favor of the project.

There is no re-set button. This gated luxury development in the middle of the forest one mile west of the top of SR 267 would have devastating impacts: destruction of an unspoiled scenic ridgeline, 11 million sq. ft. of soil disturbance, new population of 1,900 people, displacement of wildlife, acknowledged traffic gridlock in normal conditions much less the impossibility of evacuation in a wind driven fire event, and the finality of the dangerous precedent of rezoning forest/conservation lands to allow a gated luxury development with 75 ft. high condos and six acres of commercial amenities

The proposed commercial/residential use is currently not allowed and requires rezoning … you won’t be protecting an owner’s existing right.

As a longtime resident/contractor and the only Planning Commissioner that lives in the basin, please don’t let the loss of our pristine undeveloped ridgelines be your ultimate legacy. Vote to deny Martis Valley West. Do the right thing … listen to the people.

Joe & Peggy Nicholas

Carnelian Bay