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Opinion: Public agencies must do their job, not the same old ‘stuff’

With great hope, the Great Recession, which had started in 2007, would have brought a newfound age of government efficiency, but instead we must attribute the actual result as just SOS — same old stuff (stronger “S” word substitution can be made).

How naive I was to think that a national state budget crisis would’ve brought much needed reform to the state and federal governments. In my own experience, within the State of Nevada, I’m saddened to report that many of the state government agencies are not doing their jobs. Furloughs and other budget cuts have not helped public employee morale one iota.

On the other hand, if a one is employed to do a job, the job needs to still be performed. Several of our state agencies such as the Department of Education and the Department of Business and Industry to name a couple are not providing full service. There is one business that I know of that is doing business with a revoked license and when I reported it, nothing was done. He is still conducting business as far as I know.

The governor has been criticized for wanting to cut many public budgets, and who can blame him? If an agency won’t do its job, then shut it down and look at the money taxpayers can save! We all want value for our dollar — even our public dollar!

Rob Riley

Carson City