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Opinion: Recent violence In America unprovoked by the right

In the Feb. 9, 2017, Bonanza, Andy Whyman published an opinion article titled “Unfortunately, There Will Be Violence.”

In examining any article the first and last paragraphs usually are an introduction and a conclusion to the body of thought. He started with the unprovoked violent protests in Berkeley and ended with his attack on Trump as a provocateur with his frequent tweets.

The body of the article discusses violence as action and reaction responses. Concluding with the anti-Trump argument certainly causatively attempted to incorrectly link him to this violence.

At a recent meeting of the Conversation Café, I questioned Dr. Whyman as to how he could link the Berkeley violence to Trump. I explained that right wing organizations like the Tea Party and Trump support groups that I frequently attended did not partake in any violent actions.

The Berkeley violence was NOT a response to any provoked violent activity. It has been accepted and frequently reported that any of the occasional violence at the Trump rallies were due to outside infiltrators sent from Left Wing Groups.

Whyman said that I misconstrued his deep meaning written words. In addition, he added a psychiatrist’s discussion of why misinformed conservatives who won’t abandon Trump are fixated by their early age learning processes and now unwilling to change despite what the left states is obvious to anyone intelligent.

As others who listened and have been ridiculed before as ignorant to facts or just manufacturing their own facts — Fake News, I guess — it was taken as another of his elitist unwelcome tirades and articles of, “If I say it, it must be true.”

Paraphrasing from what President Reagan famously said — it’s not that liberals don’t know a lot, It’s just that so much of what they know is wrong.

The recent violence in this country is fostered by paid outside groups linked by many in the media to George Soros, Black Lives Matter, remnants of Barack Obama’s community activity groups and the written teachings of Saul Alinsky.

Mass riots including violence, cursing and pure venom toward the right started immediately the election results without any provocation against any conservative person or idea.

It followed over one year of college campuses promoting anti-Trump crying spaces, towels and other objects for students who could not accept or mentally handle any dissent against their non-Socratic teachings.

For those who wish to espouse four years of anti-Trump hatred and violence, it will be a losing cause to gain support from anyone who is not already entrenched in your thinking.

If Trump fails to produce positive results, his supporters will look elsewhere for a leader, but if he produces increasing prosperity for all America, you will become a lonely lot of psychologically deranged haters only demeaning what the USA can become under Trump’s economic and Peace Through Strength world political leadership.

Richard M. Reiter is an Incline Village resident.

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